Ekosystem is the reflection of the digital market

Multicultural (we proudly recruit in French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese)

Tech savvy (our crew is made of geeks)

AGILE (we have adapted SCRUM to recruitment)

Ekosystem is not only a recruiting agency, it is an extension of your HR department! Our direct approach helps us to get in touch with the best talents of the ecosystem. Only one will be recruited for the job but all of them will know how hot is your company.

Our method


We want to know the DNA of your company. For Ekosystem, a job description is far from enough.

Ekosystem is in touch with 200 IT professionals on average per week. We will share with you the trend of the market.

Ekosystem is not only a recruiting agency. We are not posting ads everywhere and wait for the candidates to apply. We go after them because the best talents are not using job boards!

No is not an answer
To find a suitable candidate is easy. To speak with and to convince them is another story. A story the ekosystem talents scouts know by heart

The H of HR is everything
We do not qualify a profile for a position. We do qualify someone for a team. It means that we want to make sure the person has the right competences for the role and shares the value of your company

Our model

We trust our recruiting so much that we are the only agency offering a one year guarantee!

Organizations who take part of our ekosystem

  • Ekosystem offers a personalized recruiting service that is way different than the traditional recruiting agencies. Instead of waiting for candidates applying for a job they actively search for the right profile allowing us to find interesting candidates. Moreover, their pricing is adapted to a startup like ours. I highly recommend Ekosystem and I am very pleased by their services. François M., VP engineering

  • Client of Ekosystem for a year et very satisfied by their services: They helped me to recruit 3 developers within the last year, and that was tough! They were dedicated to meet my expectations and they delivered despite my high level of demand! Professional and reliable, It has been a real pleasure to work with their team. I will contact them with no hesitation as soon as I need to hire again. Their business model is unique on the recruitment market and it is is only one that makes sense to me. Gregory E., CTO

  • Thank you so much to the Ekosystem's team. We had an outstanding hiring experience with the recruiters and candidates. Recruiters got back to us in a timely manner and we had a really hard time deciding on candidates because they were all fantastic. Not only did they find great technical candidates for us they also really helped us find candidates that fit with our company culture and were able to hit the ground running from day 1. Ania P., HR

  • Finally! A recruiter that understands that I need to hire a human being, not just a collection of technical buzzwords. Nicolas understands that I need a person with diverse skill sets that can integrate well with our team, and he doesn’t try to convince me to lower the bar. Arthur A., VP Business development

  • Our recruitment needs are centered around hard-to-find, experienced software developers. Ekosystem has somehow cracked the code! They consistently present excellent candidates. What’s more, each developer we’ve hired through them is still with us today. Alexandre P., VP Technology

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