When I founded ekosystem in 2015, I wanted to offer a service that would develop the image of the recruiting industry.
This is this will that enabled me to create a business model clients oriented and tailored to their needs. A recruiting method answering the candidates expectations and a wholesome work atmosphere for the employees.

– Nicolas V.

Our team

Noémie Barthelet

Talents scout

Noémie has been working in HR for more than 12 years! Noemie can help you in French and English.

She is a big fan of the movie Willow (she watched it more than 30 times and she has a crush on the character Madmartigan – But shhhh… don’t tell anyone!). She also spent a large part of her teenage years playing Donkey Kong. These days, she prefers Cranium.

Word of advice: If you’re playing with her, it’s better that you let her win.… As she is not the best of losers…

Roxanne Cardinal

Talent scout

Roxanne, she’s a 5 feet high ball of energy! Always smiling and enthusiastic, she will serve you in French, English and in Joual.

She is a Fooding advocate and we use her more often than Tripadvisor to choose a restaurant. She is a “gamer” fan of the Nintendo universe. She dreamed of becoming a Pokemon Master when she was little (she still is ;-)). Every time she participates in a recruitment, we can hear her scream Pika-Pika!

Michelle Assaf

Ex-Talent scout

Michelle has over 3 years of IT recruitment experience. Michelle will serve you in French, English and can chat in Arabic, Inch’Allah.

Michelle is an improvisation pro! And for good reason, she has been playing and coaching for 10 years in improvisational leagues. In addition to finding you the best opportunities on the market, she can renew your cheesy-jokes book. To relax, she listens to the songs of “The Legend of Zelda” on the piano (yes we know, it’s pretty weird!). She is also an absolute fan of Ricardo.

She has decided to take an other challenge. After being such an efficient recruiter, she decided to become a generalist HR. We wish her all the best and ekosystem is grateful for her contribution.

Nicolas Vaudenay


Nico has about 15 years of professional experience. He can help you in French, English and Spanish. No matter the sport ; soccer, bowling, or beerpong he is very competitive and will take it seriously. His dynamically twisted  sense of humour can come off as funny or weird, sometimes both at the sametime!

He loves triathlons and enjoys listening to France-Inter Podcasts! He is also a globetrotter. When he was a kid he wanted to be MacGyver, but quickly realized mulets was not the greatest of looks. He is also a big fan of OSS117!

Ferdinand Collado

Talent scout

Anne-Sophie Giraud

Talent scout

Antonin Chabannes

VP ekosystem France

Anto is a Digital Nomad. In 2008, graduated from HEC Montréal in eBusiness, he started his entrepreneurial journey around the globe. For more about 10 years he spread his enthusiasm, his good mood and his business DNA (Clicks and Bricks) in the four corners of the world.

He likes music… let say “unconventional”, to change the world with his close friends and a good bottle of wine and sustainable development. Coming from La Drôme in France, he likes hiking, the Caillette, the Picodon and the Côtes du Rhône. But more importantly he is a hedonist with a contagious optimism.

Join our ekosystem?

I am a people person. I truly love what I do. I can’t stand metrics, micro management and average solutions.

I have a great sens of humour. I want to be part of an ekosystem that is team oriented instead of a competition between individuals. I want to do real head hunting and not spending my days reviewing resumes or sending tons of e-mails? And more importantly, I want to have fun at work.

Then, I should apply to be part of Ekosystem.